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Latest News

Latest News

MBRU Fights for Safe, Clean North End Terminal

The Will Hudson Transit Center, also known as the North End Terminal or “NET”, is MATA’s most used transit hub. 23 of MATA’s 31 routes begin at the NET, which was built in 1998. The terminal serves as more than just a place to transfer or wait for your bus. You can buy your monthly pass, converse with fellow riders, and access critical information about service changes. The NET has working pay phones, plenty of seating and bathroom facilities. It also provides climate-controlled shelter from severe Memphis weather - the sweltering hot summers or freezing rainy winters - a protection that most bus shelters simply don’t provide.

Got Skills?

Last month, the MSPJC Training Department hosted a Facilitation Skills Workshop and  a Nonviolence Skills Training.

Facilitation Skills was a two-hour workshop for twelve participants who practiced facilitation skills while facing conflict. We transformed the workshop space into a 'laboratory' to test, discover and try new behaviors as facilitators.  Facilitation is integral to community organizing, but more than that, good facilitation will help the participants of any group or organization to grow and succeed. 

The next Facilitation Skills Workshop will be on November 20, 6:00pm - 8:30pm.  Can't wait till November? Please email gio@midsouthpeace.org if your group or organization would like to have this workshop sooner.

MSPJC Welcomes New Associate Director!

This month we welcome Ace F. Madjlesi as the new Associate Director of the Mid-South Peace and Justice Center. Ace joins us from the Center for Research on Women at the University of Memphis, where her work focused on issues such as HIV/AIDS, child care, transportation, infant mortality, and teen pregnancy in Shelby County. Ace has previously served the MSPJC as the Coordinator of the H.O.P.E. Women's Caucus and a Board Member. We are confident that Ace's boundless energy, keen organizational skills, and well-stocked candy drawer will help take the MSPJC to great new places. Welcome aboard, Ace!


Memphis United Hosts CLERB Forums

The Memphis United Coalition is hosting a series of Town Hall Forums regarding the recently reinstated Civilian Law Enforcement Board(C.L.E.R.B.) in Memphis. 

Check out this video of highlights from the District 8 Forum and make plans to attend an upcoming forum near you!  
Highlight Reel: http://ow.ly/yFEs8 

Introducing CoOperative Memphis!

We are pleased to announce our support and fiscal sponsorship of the new Cooperative Memphis! Like many community-based initiatives, the Mid-South Peace and Justice Center will incubate CoOperative Memphis as it grows into a meaningful force for good in Memphis.  

Their Mission: CoOperative Memphis (CM) seeks to promote alternative forms of economic organization, such as cooperatives and collectives.

CM serves as a resource networking hub and support system for those seeking to establish sustainable structures of cooperation that encourage democratic control of local resources like education, food, shelter, labor, and transportation.

Memphis United Hosts Press Conference to Announce #CLERBspeakout2014 Campaign

Memphis United launches #CLERBspeakout2014 campaign to improve Civilian Law Enforcement Review Board

Memphis United urges Memphians to come forward about their troubling experiences with law enforcement through participation in a series of public forums.

For Immediate Release- Wednesday June 11th from 4:30pm 5:15 pm at the Caritas Village at 2509 Harvard Ave. Paul Garner, and Chris Merritt, and Journalist Deborah Robinson, will be speaking about their experiences with MPD, which prompted each of them to file complaints with Internal Affairs. They are standing with Memphis United, asking for people to come forward to share their experiences and suggestions on how to make the Civilian Law Enforcement Review Board (CLERB) more effective through social media and  participation in a series of public input forums throughout the city. The Civilian Law Enforcement Review Board according to the City of Memphis website, would be “an independent, non-police Mayoral Agency with ... the power to receive, investigate, hear cases, make findings and recommend action on complaints.”

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