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Latest News

Latest News

Mother's Day Brunch for Peace

Did you know that the honored celebration of Mothers Day — a day that in the US we associate with family, love, and, well, brunch — was originally a day created to honor Peace in our World?

Following the US Civil War, Julia Ward Howe, famous for composing the beautiful “Battle Hymn of the Republic,” found herself horrified by the carnage of War, along with thousands of other women. In 1870, she wrote her Mothers’ Day Proclamation, a strident cry for women to rise in the name of Peace!

Join us as we celebrate the love of mothers, families and dear ones. The first annual Mother's Day Brunch for Peace is a benefit for the Mid-South Peace and Justice Center. So in addition to treating mom to a wonderful meal surrounded by friends, music and family, you will be supporting the work of peace-building year round. 

2013 Annual Report - Get Updated, Get Involved!

Your ongoing support and solidarity have helped our community speak nonviolent truth to power.  Thank you for your support of the Mid-South Peace and Justice Center.

You can view our 2013 Annual Report which details the amazing work and significant victories you have worked with our community to achieve in the past year including:

  • Training 524 leaders in grassroots organizing.
  • Preventing $250,000 in homeless service cuts.
  • Partnering in 8 community police relations forums for 335 residents.
  • Stopping “Play to Stay” abuse in a local shelter.
  • Celebrating 10 years of movement building at the Gandhi-King Conference.
  • Expanding to provide Community Organizer Training in Spanish.
  • Preventing $1.2 million in cuts to MATA funding.
  • Coordinating People’s Day on the Hill bringing together grassroots leaders from across the state.
  • Collaborating to host city-wide People’s Conference on Race and Equality in response to KKK rally.

Take a moment to look through the 2013 Annual Report and celebrate our victories.  They would not have happened without you.

Grassroots Organizers Training New Logo and Partnership!

Grassroots Organizers Training for Power, MSPJC's training program, is excited to announce a new partnership with the National Civil Rights Museum! The Museum is graciously offering use of their new education space, the Links Education Center, for many of our trainings. We are honored to be able to share this historical and sacred location.

We are also releasing a new logo. More than an image, its a reflection of the nature of G.O.T Power. A diverse group of people, from different backgrounds, perspectives and experiences, but with something in common, the passion to make from their community a better place to live for all!

We are very exciting to announce that we'll launch this partnership on Thursday April, 17 with our Media 201 Workshop.

Media 201 Workshop


 In this advanced media workshop we will focus on practicing the skills of: Media Planning, Pitching your story, Messaging,  Advanced interviewing techniques, and Creating talking points.

When: Thursday,  April 17   •   6pm. – 8pm. 

MBRU Student Riders Organize For Reduced Fares || Meet The New Executive Committee!

MBRU & Southwest Tennessee Community College

Every Wednesday you can catch Memphis Bus Riders Union at Southwest Community College's Union campus signing up new members and learning about the issues facing students who rely on MATA. Our newly elected Co-chair, Shelia Williams, is a student at Southwest. Shelia attends classes at both the Macon and Union campuses. Transportation between the two makes for an arduous daily routine. Students members are organizing an MBRU meeting on campus. We hope to build a partnership between student riders, MATA, and Southwest administration to ease the financial burden on students by reducing fares and creating routes that better serve their needs.

MATA Budget Concerns

In budget news, MATA will be meeting with City Council next week to discuss the budget shortfall, which may be anywhere between $1 and $3 million this year, depending on whether or not MATA receives the federal grant money it has applied for. Service changes for the worst and best case scenario are currently being planned. The implementation of these changes will take place June 1st. City funding for MATA rests in the hands of Mayor Wharton, who will present his eagerly awaited budget proposal to City Council April 15th.

Send a message to Nashville: Put the People First!!

Today is Lobby Day at the Mid-South Peace and Justice Center. Our members are in Nashville today to take the needs and concerns of our communities to their representatives. H.O.P.E. Organizer Jim Brown had 

this to say about why he is speaking out,

A peoples day on the hill is very important to me, it is a time when my voice can be heard. I get a chance to represent the people.

Will you join Jim? Today our members are going to Nashville by bus, phone and email! Will you take a moment to make a call or send an email? You can find your legislators here.

Memphis United: Memphis Needs Its Civilian Law Enforcement Review Board.


In 1994, the controversial shooting of Jesse Bogand, a 68-year-old resident of Orange Mound, outraged the citizens of Memphis. This and other similar incidents pushed the Memphis City Council to create a Civilian Law Enforcement Review Board (CLERB), which, according to the City of Memphis website, would be “an independent, non-police Mayoral Agency with ... the power to receive, investigate, hear cases, make findings and recommend action on complaints.”

Though seemingly a positive step forward for our city, many have lamented that CLERB has insufficient power to accomplish its assigned tasks.

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